Cookie Policy

    A "cookie" is a small text file that is downloaded onto the hard drive or your computer (or other device) when you visit a particular website.

    Cookies cannot identify you personally but they can remember activities and preferences chosen by you and your browser.

    You can manage cookies through your browser settings and control which cookies are allowed. Some cookies are essential to make sites function effectively for you as an end user, so you will need to be selective if you decide to change your cookie preferences.

    The law relating to use of cookies changed in 2012. The law applies to all cookies, but contains exemptions for cookies that are ‘strictly necessary ’. This includes certain types of Session cookies (sometimes also known as ‘performance’ cookies).

    This service uses two types of cookies:

    Cookies are not computer programmes, and as such they cannot be used to disseminate viruses. Although they are stored on your computer, they cannot access other data on your hard drive.

    There are a wide range of cookies. Some used by other sites, for instance, enable them to generate targeted advertising. However, we do not use these cookies, and do not have any third- party or flash cookies on our site.

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